Sunday, April 27, 2014

40 Days!!!!

40 Days!!!  39 days, 12 hours, 49 minutes and 46 seconds from this moment to be exact!

The Girls and I are heading home for a visit!! WE CANNOT WAIT!!  I am already making a list of everything I need to take back to Iowa with me as well as list of things I need to bring back to England from Iowa and another list of all of the food I want to eat and restaurants I want to eat at when we get there and they are listed in the order of how I want to go to them!!  FOOD!!!  Isn't that ridiculous? Outside of family and friends the only other thing on my mind is FOOD!  Not shopping, not laying out by mom and dads pool or driving on the correct side of the road for a change or using the U.S. dollar for a change...None of that matters to me as much as Family, Friends and FOOD!!!! Culvers, Happy Joes, Shot Tower, Los Aztecas, Arby's....I could go on and on for days!! However to get to this glorious food I have to endure a 8(ish) hour flight home with 2 babies, 3 suitcases, 3 carry on's, a stroller, and a 6 hour time change ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!  You see, in order to make this trip REALLY worth our while the girlies and I are going back home for an entire month. However, E is only coming home for the last 2 weeks of the trip because of work and vacation time.  SO for anyone out there who reads these posts that are oh so few and far between (sorry about that, time gets away from me!), please, PLEASE, I BEG YOU, SAY SOME PRAYERS FOR ME!!!  I am really trying to avoid thinking about that part until the day of, why cause stress that is not needed...Right?!?!?!  Once we arrive in Chicago and get to the pick up spot where my dad will be picking us up, vacation for this mama starts!!

Do we need this vacation?! Oh let me count the ways...AJ has learned how to say no and she uses it quite often, potty training has become interesting now that she takes her pull-ups off all by herself, but only when they are full of poo, and her new favorite place to play is in the dog kennel!  Today AL informed me that she hates me for naming her what I did because her name is stupid and I should have named her Elsa (a friend of mine just had a baby girl and named her Elsa, that is where this came from, not just the movie Frozen) Because Elsa is a great name but her name is stupid and from now on she is no longer going to answer to us unless we call her Elsa...Speaking of the movie Frozen, have you seen it? If not, let me know and you can have our copy! If I have to hear that *stinking* song "Let It Go" one more time I think I may go INSANE! Send me to the nut house because this mama is really, REALLY tired of going to bed at night and waking up at 1am to that song being stuck in my head!!! UUHHGGHH!!!  When the movie isn't in the DVD Player, AL is running around in the dress that I made her (yes made her because all of the stores have sold out of the darn thing!) singing the song at the top of her lungs!! As if that isn't bad enough AJ has started to sing it as well but since she has the vocabulary of an 18 month old, "GOOOOOOOO" is about all you hear and understand from her! Does this movie make any of you other moms out there crazy?!?!

On a side note AL has started cheerleading! Competitive Cheerleading!!!  OH MY GOODNESS I cannot stand the cuteness of these little girls! Cheer shoes, and uniforms and bows and 4 year olds throwing stunts! SO CUTE!!  She has an event in Liverpool next Monday so I will try to post a small blurb about the day with some pictures...if I remember to...

Other than that we are counting down the days until we can come see everyone, eat some good food, do a bit of relaxing by mom and dads pool, a bit of shopping and who knows what else!

39 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes and 1 second...

Until then,
A xx

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