Sunday, September 15, 2013


I really didn't know what to title this post, so after thinking about it I decided to name it what I was thinking during the events that I am about to share with you...and "Really?!" is the only thing that was going through my mind.  Here is why...

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in England so Eric and I decided to take the girls into Chester and meet some friends of ours who are also here from the US for two years, at the Chester Horse Races. The day started out wonderful! Blue Sky, sun shining, awesome view of the racecourse, great company and the picnic we brought wasn't to bad either!
Our view at the races!

That is where the fun started to end and the "Really?!" started to begin...At the end of the races AL said she needed to go potty, I did as well so I got up to take her and as I was standing up she started to pee...right there, in the middle of everyone!!!  REALLY?!?!  She is 3 years old and has not had an accident in over a year!! Why in the heck did that happen?  Being the AWESOME mom that I am, I didn't have a back up change of clothing with me for her so instead I removed her underwear, and tights and ripped the shorts out of the inside of her skirt, threw all of that away, put a diaper on her (which didn't go over well, but what else was I supposed to do) and put her skirt and shoes back on. Thinking that this was the end, we walked to our favorite BBQ place and had dinner.  During dinner, AL, still being pissed off at me for putting a diaper on her in the first place, decided to "get back at Mommy" by pooping her pants! REALLY?!?!?!  Worst part, the supply of diapers I brought with us to the track was gone!!! (there we more in the car but we weren't close to the car at this time) So we asked out waiter for the bill, paid and walked to the car.  AL was walking funny and so, again being the AWESOME parents that we are we decided to pick on her a bit for pooping! When we got back to the car I changed AL, putting yet another diaper on her since that is all I had available I then decided to change AJ. While pulling the diaper off of AJ she decided to pee all over mommy...REALLY?! By this time I was laughing but wanting to cry about the whole thing...come on kids give mommy a little break here please!!!  That was the end, or least I thought it was going to be the end of our great day in Chester, until we go the girls home and asleep. At 3:00 this morning AL calls from her room...MOM...DAD...COME IN HERE PLEASE!!!!!  Eric grabbed his glasses and walked over to her room to discover she had puked...all over her "night-night" blanket...REALLY?!?! She wasn't running a fever and didn't look sick so we asked her what happened. She simply stated that she was coughing really, really hard and then it simply, "just came up!"

So far today has been a much better exploding poops, peeing on Mommy or any other crazy things. Lets keep fingers crossed that we don't end up with another "Really?!" type of day!!

On a side note, our tickets are booked and we get to spend some time back home in the US soon!!!