Monday, October 28, 2013

AMERICAAAAA....and then some!!!

Hey all!!!  I know, I know, I have been slacking on the blog entries...sorry! Life has just been so busy around here lately! Where did October go?! Well, here is how it went for us...

October 3rd (which just happens to be my dad's birthday) we set off on our trip home to America. We were all up at 6am to get to the airport and wait to board the plane at 9. After eight hours on a plane, where none of the kids slept, we FINALLY arrived in Chicago at 1:30 CST (which just happened to be 7:30 GBT which we are used to). After going to the hotel to clean up we headed over to the Outback Steakhouse with E's mom and dad to get one of the BEST steaks I think I have EVER tasted!!!  Friday morning we started our trek cross-country to Rising Sun, Indiana where we were blessed to be a part of the wedding of E's cousin. The wedding was beautiful and seeing our extended family was a great treat too. Little Miss AL was the flower girl and she was VERY cheeky while walking down the isle, everyone loved her!

On Sunday we spent 8 more hours in the truck and finally at 6:00pm with Happy Joes Pizza in hand we arrived at my parents house in Peosta, Iowa.  Home, sweet home!!! We had a fantastic time watching my youngest sister cheer for her high school, visiting my second youngest sister at her job for lunch at Culvers and spending LOTS of time with the grandparents, great-grandparents as well as aunts, uncles and cousins!!  We took the girls, along with E's sister, her husband, our niece and E's parents to the pumpkin patch which had an adorable petting zoo! All kinds of animals, AJ couldn't get enough!!

E also got to get in a bit of racing while we were home, he didn't do to shabby either, he actually got a win his first night out! While he and my dad were racing I was able to get in some much needed girls time with my Mom, Grandma and all of my sisters at a great Mexican restaurant! (did I mention we don't have those in England?!) The food was good but the company was even better!

On our last night in the states I had the great pleasure of doing my baby sister's hair for her very first homecoming dance and let me tell you, she was a knock-out! After taking her to dinner and seeing her off my parents kept the babies while E and I went to watch my old band play at a bar in town. It was great seeing everyone and the boys even pulled me up on stage with them for a few songs which brought me to tears more than once.

The next morning it was off to Chicago to the airport so we could come back home. Two weeks goes by entirely too fast! There were many people I was not able to see and many things I was not able to do on this short trip home, and if you were one of the people I missed, I am sorry.

Since we have been back we have been submerging ourselves in all things England, we are here so we might as well embrace it right?! Over this past weekend we went to a Carnival/bonfire/fireworks festival that celebrates a man named Guy Fawkes failing at the assassination of King James the first...I have searched and read about this on Wikipedia and I still don't quite understand why they use fireworks to celebrate this but it is interesting to read about, if you are into historical things.

Other than that there really isn't much to tell other than I miss you all and that I am starting to potty train AJ...this should bring a good post or two in the future!!