Monday, March 31, 2014

Time. Its a funny little thing isn't it? When we want it to speed up, like during the workday, it seems to slow down and the exact opposite happens over the weekends or on our days off.  When we lose someone we love we wish for more time.

Or when you decide to do something for two years, it doesn't seem like that long until you dive into it. On some days it seems like we have forever left to go on our English adventure and other days I cannot believe that we have been here for almost a year already!
So many things have changed over the last 9 months. AL has started school, tumbling and she is now in cheerleading as well. Our little 4 year old is not such a little girl anymore.  The phrase, "they are growing up to fast" is more true than I ever imagined. Makes me want to slow time down a little bit. 
(AL during Cheerleading practice)
AJ is talking more than ever and she has grown over 2 inches since we have been here which makes me wonder where the last 2 years have gone. Her favorite phrase is, "Oh poop!"
(AJ smelling the flowers out front of our house)
We have had several visitors over the last couple of weeks. My Aunt C came over from the states and at the same time my Mom and little sister B came as well. I took B to London for a couple days and together we had a great time. We visited all of the Harry Potter film sites, hit all the tourist sites and shopped tons! It was wonderful having my family here but again, time went way to quickly and now I feel like I am more homesick than I have been for a long while.

(Big Ben at night, photo taken by me)
So for now, I am wishing time away, at least until June when I get to travel back to the states with both of my babies for  a whole month! E will be joining us about 2 weeks into our visit. Until June we are wishing for warm weather like we had over this last lovely weekend, and for time to go somewhat quickly until we arrive at home, then it can slow down or even stand still throughout the month of June!