Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

So its the middle of February already and I don't know how we got here!  Time flies when you are having fun! We had E's mum and dad visit us in January, unfortunately AJ ended up getting sick the morning that they arrived which put a bit of a damper on a lot of our plans but we still enjoyed having them here! We visited Chester, Manchester and Liverpool with them. Hit many museums, Castles and they even too AL to the aquarium! She had a blast!!
Alberts Dock, Liverpool.

My cousin came over at the beginning of January to study abroad in Bangor, Wales. She came over about a week early and we had a great time having her here as well! We toured a few places, shopped a ton and even sang some karaoke! Its nice having family only about an hour away! We even bought tickets last night to see the Backstreet Boys in concert this March!!!
Inside the Chester Cathedral

We are now getting ready to have more visitors! My Aunt, Mum and Sister are all visiting at the beginning of March. In April another cousin who is studying as an exchange student in Belgium is planning on spending a portion of her spring break with us! Is almost as if we are bank with a revolving door and I LOVE IT!!! 

Not only do we have several visitors coming and going this spring I am busily planning some holidays for us to go on as well.  We will be coming back to the States mid June and staying until after the July 4th holiday and we are also planning a trip up to Loch Ness to spend a long weekend trying to find Nessie!

Not much else to share, the weather here has been extremely rainy and cold although not as cold here as it is back in Dubuque. It is a different cold though, that damp cold that chills you to the bone. We get to see the sun only about once every 7-10 days which is very frustrating when you have little ones who want to play outside.

Happy Valentines Day week!!

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