Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BriSCA F1 World Final and a few other things.

September came and went far too quickly this year! Both of the girlies started school and adjusted to their new schedule quite well! AL still hates mornings just like me and on a daily basis she tries to get me to let her sleep longer and take her to Tiny Tots instead of "Big School" as she calls it. School starts at 9 and even though the child goes to bed at 8 and isn't woken up until 8:15 the next morning she is still overly tired which results in the two of us running through the grave yard to get to school on almost a daily basis.  Other than the morning rush, they both seem to love school so far. AJ comes home with a new painting almost every day and AL can already read short books!

The 19th and 20th of September was the BriSCA F1 World Finals. BriSCA is the racing circuit that E has been following since we moved here. When he first went last year he met and became friends with one of the drivers. Since then he has been going to almost all of the meetings and helping Mat with his car. On the 6th of September E rented Mat's hire car and gave F1 racing a go. Before the meeting started E had to do 5 laps to 'prove' that he could race and in true dirt track fashion he threw the care into the corners impressing a lot of the spectators on his first go.  They enjoyed Eric's racing so much that they invited him to represent the USA in the World Final as USA1 and several of the racing web pages over here! (I have included the links at the bottom of this post for your enjoyment!)

In true E fashion he went out with a BANG! He may not have finished the race, but everyone was talking about him and he was asked several times for his autograph! Why? Because E ended up rolling the car over and landing upside down on the fence.

Eric walked away unharmed, he was just a bit stiff and sore for a couple days after. Luckily the car wasn't damaged as much as you would have thought and Mat had it back up and ready to go racing within 3 days!
The rest of September seemed to fly by pretty uneventful but October has proven to be another busy month. The first weekend of October AL and I both (yes both) went to NCD Cheerleading tryouts. She made the Tiny competition team and I made the Senior level 3 competition team (the highest comp team they participate in and no, I am not the oldest on the team!) and we will both be traveling to Liverpool for Cheer practice every Sunday to get ready for competitions. As of now we will be likely to partake in 2 or 3 competitions, including FC Brings It On Paris which just happens to be in March at Disneyland Paris!!  There is also a possibility for AL and I to compete in a Mummy and Me competition!
Other than that we are just living day to day as normal, although I believe Mother Nature forgot that Autumn comes BEFORE Winter!!
43 days until Rome!
65 days until Home!
Links to Eric's BriSCA F1:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib0sjTuZeUs   (at 5:30 is the rollover)

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